fiscal policy

fiscal policy
Government spending and taxing for the specific purpose of stabilizing the economy. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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fiscal policy fiscal policy policy

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   The budgetary policies through which a government influences the economy, such as changes in taxation and government spending.
   ► See also Monetary Policy.

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fiscal policy UK US noun [C or U] (plural fiscal policies) (also budgetary policy)
ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT a government's plan for deciding how much money to borrow and to collect in taxes, and how best to spend it, in order to influence the level of economic activity: »

A sound fiscal policy aimed at reducing deficits in a sustainable way is necessary to growth and job creation.

a loose/tight fiscal policy »

A loose fiscal policy would give the economy a badly needed short-term boost, but would fail to deal with a variety of deeper problems.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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